Wild Child Art Party

Party Activities

                                                                                                                Sand Art - Your choice of Sand bottle art or Sand Canvas panel art to go along with a theme of your choice. 

Musical Murals- Poster board sheets are place around the studio, each guest starts drawing as music plays; when music stops, guest move to their neighbors poster board to finish their drawing. Everyone  continues moving around the room. as each piece is finished, players drop out until last piece is completed.   

Splatter Art  - Guests sling paint onto a canvas creating an amazing abstract work of art.                                                            Water gun Tie Dye T-shirt Making - Water guns are filled with different colored dye.  Guests shoot T- shirts to make a cool tie dye splatter art t-shirt that will be a great keep sake.  Clothes may be stained.  Inform guests Dress to make a mess.                             Paint by number relay race  - Guests are divided into 2 teams. Pre drawn color by number identical canvas' are places on an easel. Each guest runs to canvas, paints their number and passes brush off to the next team member.  One of the Final canvas' goes home with birthday guest                                                                   Canvas Painting - Each guest is given a pre sketched canvas based upon a theme your birthday child has choosen.  

Instructor Led Canvas painting - Let our staff led your guest through sketching and painting their very own work of art.  Themes and canvas selections are based on age appropriate abilities.  We want every guest to be successful and hold a sense of accomplishment  when their work of art is completed.                               

PACKAGE 1 - $300    

10 Birthday personalized invitations                                            Party Decorations with balloons                                                 16x20 canvas with all party guests handprints as a keepsake  Double layered Birthday Cake (catered from Earth Fare), Veggie tray,  Fruit Tray,  Lemonade or Party Punch,  bottled water &  variety of additional treats (specifically catered to your needs)

10 treat bags for guests with $10 off coupon from our studio

Choice of 2 Art Activities &  2 hours in the Studio with only you and your party guests.

 Supervision of guests, Facilitation of all activities, set up & clean up.  

PACKAGE 2 - $225  

 10 Birthday personalized invitation                                              Party Decorations                                                                Single Layer Birthday Cake                                                        Choice of 1 -  Lemonade, Punch or bottled water                    10 treat bags for guest with a $10 off coupon from our studio    Your Choice of 2 Art Activities                                                    2 hours in the Studio with only you and your party guests      Supervision of guests, Facilitation of all activities set up & clean up.     

PACKAGE 3 - $150           

10 Birthday personalized invitations                                            Choice of 1 art activity                                                                 2 hours in the Studio with only you and your party guests

Supervision of guests, Facilitation of all activities, set up & clean up.  

A 50% deposit is required to secure your party.  A date can not be secured without a deposit.  Once a deposit is made, Our staff will work with you to choose a theme for your pre-sketched canvases.   We provide all materials for your guests. The birthday child should arrive 10 minutes early to greet guests. The art making fun begins when the final guest arrives.

As the art pieces dry, the party continues with cake and presents. When the party is finished, we will take care of the clean-up! Come in to our studio to set up your child's next unforgettable birthday party.