Always Evolving


The definition of ART is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in visual form such as a painting or a sculpture.   It has a different meaning based on a person's perception to what their brain processes as art.  To me, art is that one of a kind original painting or sculpture that speaks to your soul.  That is the kind of art I strive to create,  I want my art to speak to people.  I feel as an artist, I am still evolving, learning and perfecting my skills.  I feel like I don't deserve the title artist. The thing is, I am always comparing myself to other artists.. However,  I have  come to realize that I have creative juices and I like my art.   In some semblance, for those that buy my art, it speaks to them and I'm grateful.  

I am super excited about all the places I will be going over the next couple of months.  Fall is my favorite time of year and of course Christmas is the best ever!  I can honestly tell you I am torn between creating art and creating crafts. There are moments that I want to just focus on a piece, take my time, step back, take a day and then continue.  Those are the pieces I take pride in. I almost don't like to let those go.  Painting and mixed media pieces are where my heart is. Those are the pieces I take to art shows and auctions.  Then I have those pieces that I mass create.  I have my surf board snowmen, door hangers, wood cut out ornaments, seaglass laterns and seaglass trees. These are the pieces I take to trade shows and festivals.  They are still art and handmade.   So whether it's pottery, watercolors, jewelry making, wood working, acrylics, etc. always keep in mind that artists put alot of time and passion into their work. I put a lot of time and passion into my work.  I may not be like the artist next to me but I am always evolving as an artist. My art 5 years ago doesn't look like my art now and in 5 years my art then won't look like it does now.  


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