Starting something new


I started Wild Child Art Studios in August 2018. I has been a difficult road but I continually push to keep my studio open for my love of art and that others will find their inner soul for loving art as well.  Owning a business has been challenging and I have to wear many hats (i.e. boss, teacher, accountant, party hostess, artist).  I feel as an artist,  I have to reinvent my self every so often.  I love working with resin.  I started making 3D resin art a few years back, then others followed making similar art.  I moved to the beach and started using seaglass and shells.  Wasn't long, I saw very similar pieces again.  So now, fragments of broken liquor bottles to make beautiful abstract stain glass pieces are my new venture. Now don't get me wrong, I will  of course try include cool finds from the beach. But I will always strive to come up with unique art to create.