Refund Policy

Disclaimer:  For classes $45 or less there are no refunds. However if you contact us via email or phone within 24 hours prior to the class start time, you may transfer the reservation to another class or place your reservation on hold for another class for one year. If no notification of cancellation occurs or a call is placed fewer than 24 hours before the class, you will forfeit your tuition.

For classes over $45 the Studio will refund your tuition paid, less a $30 cancellation fee if you cancel more than 7 days before the start date of a class. If you cancel seven days or less before the start date, you will forfeit your tuition. There are no refunds for no-shows or for withdrawals after a weekly class begins. Materials for classes are bought in advance and you filled a spot that someone else could have potentially registered for.

Wild Child Art Studios reserves the right to cancel or modify a workshop or class at any time. Studio Vouchers will be issued if the studio cancels a workshop or class due to a class not having the required amount of participants.

Deposits required for private events are non-refundable if party is cancelled less than 14 days in advance of party date. If party is canceled before 14 days, a credit will be placed on file for one year.